About Synapsia

Rébecca Michelot, founder and director of SYNAPSIA.


Graduate Gemologist of the GIA - Gemological Institute of America, President of the francophone section of the SSG - Swiss Gemmological Society, President of the GIA Alumni Switzerland Chapter.


Rébecca is perfectly placed as a specialist in sustainable investments thanks to her unique combination of qualifications, expertise and experience. Graduate Gemologist of the GIA - Gemological Institute of America, she provides advice and support to individuals who wish to invest in precious stones, accompanying  them in the creation of their portfolios in investment stones. Putting her considerable knowledge of the world of finance to good use, she has for many years also advised her private clients on how to develop sustainable investment portfolios.


During 10 years spent working for a world-renowned and global environmental NGO, Rébecca made a substantial and important contribution to the development of a fundraising program which targets major donors, both in Switzerland and internationally.


Rébecca is an active member of several international networks and is the President the GIA Alumni Switzerland Chapter as well as the francophone section of the Swiss Gemological Society.

Attentive to your needs, international and open-minded in her outlook, Rébecca is driven by her human values and professional ethics. She looks forward most sincerely to sharing her passion and creative energy with you.


To meet the specific needs of each individual mandate, Rébecca has recourse to a pool of professional experts, including specialised attorneys, tax advisors, bankers, recognized philanthropists, scientists, partners in the fields of media and communications, gemologists, precious stones wholesalers & auction house experts. This strong network, with its wide range of multidisciplinary and complementary expertise, gives SYNAPSIA the edge when it comes to offering a service that is both global and personalised.



  • High quality jewelry for all budgets
  • Gemological expertise and certified stones
  • Follow-up of the manufacturing process
  • Fully personalized service
  • Selection of precious metals according to the highest standards in Switzerland
  • Possibility to request gold from "Fair Trade" or with the "Ecological Gold" label which guarantees that your jewelry has been produced with 100% recycled material and transformed according to Swiss standards, in ethical, environmental and socially irreproachable conditions.
  • All diamonds from 0.20ct and upwards are supplied with a GIA certificate and laser inscription of the certificate number on the roundel of the stone.
  • Issuing the Certificate of Replacement Value Insurance: official document from your insurance company that relates the replacement value of your jewel in boutique prices.

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