Why invest in precious stones?

Today’s financial world offers increasingly complex investment vehicles and financial products - an important part of which no longer have any concrete, tangible counterparts.

Precious stones have important advantages:

  • They represent the most compact form of wealth.
  • They offer a level of discretion compared to other financial investments such as real estate or works of art.
  • They are ideal for preserving or transmitting an inheritance.


In a permanent effort and search for rarity and quality, SYNAPSIA offers you only untreated and unheated precious stones (equivalent to 2% of the global market).

These highly exceptional quality materials, thus represent an investment product in their own right:

  • They are tangible, sustainable assets which have proved that they keep their value over time and that their added value is regular.
  • World demand is progressing rapidly. Investors see them as an investment tool which represents a real portfolio diversification.
  • There is no correlation between the price of the precious stones and the traditional investment classes / financial markets.


Two major areas exist in precious stones:

  • COLOURED STONES: This market consists of many actors. It is an over-the-counter market.
  • DIAMONDS: This market is managed by large companies. Everything is itemised, listed, classified (“Diamond bourse: the customer can follow official lists).

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