June birthstone - Moonstone

Significance and history

The moon has always been of paramount importance to our ancestors, and the resemblance they saw between it and the moonstone spoke to them in particular. They believed that because of the silvery to bluish-white light on the surface of the stone, it had been mysteriously created by the rays of the moon. 

The Moonstone is sacred in India, and the Romans believed that its appearance changed with the different phases of the moon. The Indians believed that placing a moonstone in the mouth on a full moon night gave couples the power to tell their fortune.
Moonstones are regularly described as having the ability to influence love. 
What's more, 31 years after the 1969 moon landing, it was declared the official stone of Florida in the United States.

Where can I find it? Origin

The main deposit of Moonstone is in Sri Lanka. But it can be found in other parts of the world, including India, Madagascar, Tanzania, Brazil, Germany and Norway. It is found in plutonic and metamorphic rocks. 

Hardness & Care

A member of the feldspar family and belonging to the silicate group, Moonstone is a variety of orthoclase. On the Mohs scale, its hardness varies between 6 and 6.5. 

Ultrasonic cleaning is not recommended. It is preferable to wash it under running water, but it can also be steam-cleaned.


A stone of balance, choose Moonstone for anxiety and stress. Wearing a Moonstone will bring you calm and peace. This stone also has draining benefits for the body. A symbol of femininity and a protective stone, it helps pregnant women during pregnancy by reducing stress, and can also be beneficial for fertility. 

A stone of openness and tolerance, Moonstone facilitates communication. It helps people to get on well together. In love, this stone consolidates the couple and promotes good understanding. 

The ideal metal to go with your moonstone

Most jewellery featuring a moonstone is silver or white gold, as these metals with their soft, cool tones harmonise perfectly with the lunar evocation of the gem and allow it to reveal all its beauty.

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